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Career Change Programme
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Career Change Programme

Applications are now open

Our career change programme will give you personalised support to successfully change careers.

This programme is currently being offered free of charge for this cohort, in light of COVID-19. 

On this programme, we'll:

  • Help you assess how strong a fit this career is for you personally

  • Create a personalised pathway for you to get into this career

  • Give you the opportunity to ask questions to industry experts

  • Share the top resources that people in this profession are recommending

  • Share our top tips for getting into this career

  • Help you demonstrate your skills to employers

  • Support you through the process with coaching and possibly access to a peer support group

Who we're looking for

Who we're looking for

​​Send in your application if you are actively looking to change career and are:

  • Aged 25 - 44

  • Have 2+ years experience in the workforce

  • Any background or qualification level, whether that's GCSEs or a PhD!

And you would like to work in one of the following careers:

  • Police Officer

  • Teacher

  • Graphic Designer

  • TV/Film Directing or Producing

  • Vet Nurse

  • Management Consultant

  • Business Analyst

  • Care Worker

  • Marketing

  • Photographer

About Us

About Us

Would You Rather Be is an ambitious London-based tech startup, dedicated to helping you explore, get into and flourish in your dream career. Since launching in 2019, we have closed a £500k seed round and won funding from Nesta’s CareerTech prize.


Our mission is a social one. Getting you into a career that you find deeply satisfying will benefit everyone; you, your employer and society more widely.

Phil Hewinson

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Emma Rosen

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Phil and Emma combine their unique expertise across tech and software engineering, with career coaching and startups. Phil has worked in product, technical and leadership roles in Monzo, Facebook, Google and Microsoft. Emma is a career change specialist; an author, 2x TED speaker and co-founder of two previous startups.

Apply Now
Apply Now!


We are accepting applications on a rolling basis. The questions aren't designed as any kind of test, more to make sure we are the right fit for advising you, so don't worry - there are no 'wrong' answers! The application form should take about 5 minutes to complete.


Good luck - this is your first step towards you new career!


Thanks for submitting!

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